I have worked as a full time Nanny with children ranging in age from infants to five years old. My first Nanny experience, over ten years ago, was with triplets who were three months premature! During my time with them I not only worked the basics, feeding, diaper changing, stimulating but also helped administer physical therapy, as shown by the therapist, on a daily basis in order to help them with their physical developments. I learned how to massage and help them position their knees correctly so that they crawled the right way among other things.

About Us

I decided to start Vacation Nanny™ after a stint working with siblings, 3.5 & 1.5 for a ten day period where their parents were away for vacation. The time spent caring for the children was beyond fun - we played together, grocery shopped, rolled around in the snow, cooked, read, made arts and crafts, dropped and picked up the older one from school and had fun all around. When the parents returned and it was time for me to leave, the older one gave me a hug and told me he'd had a good time with me, I replied ditto and thought to myself "I could do this all the time!" 


The Vacation Nanny™, will respond in 48 hours, looking forward to serving you in meeting your childcare needs.

As they grew, it was a great joy to entertain, educate and interact with them. Our days were spent at the park, adventures while riding the Boston subway, making great music and so on. My experience with this family was wonderful and laid a solid foundation for me. I realized the fun and learning involved while caring for children and the immeasurable joy one experiences! Subsequent years were spent caring for multiples -a few sets of twins, as well as siblings varying in age where I continued learning and building upon my experience, becoming an expert in my field.

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